How do I qualify for a group discount?

1. You must register the MINIMUM number of participants required for the discount (as per the event's website). For example, if you want to qualify for a group of 4+, you need to enter 4 participants into your booking. If you wish to qualify for a group of 10+, you need to enter 10 participants.

2. You must select 'pay later' if you wish group members to pay for themselves; or select 'pay now' if you wish to pay for them.

3. Once someone is invited to a group they must follow the link in the invite to pay in order to receive the group discount. They will BE SUBJECT TO PRICE INCREASES - they will pay the price of a group ticket according to the date on which they complete their payment, not on the day the invite is sent.  

3. Group members pay the price of the current group size. If you pay while you are part of a group of 4+, that is the discount you will receive. If however your group grows and becomes 10+, participants who have yet to pay will now receive a 10+ discount. 

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