How to assign your tickets to your kids


Anyone under the adult age of the event must have their waiver signed by a parent of guardian. Trumin uses a managed account function where you (the parent) will manage all aspects of the child's account on their behalf, until they reach adult age.  The Trumin system will generate a proxy email address and route all communications regarding your child's ticket to your email address.


What to do now:

Set a password (for new users only, existing users go to next section)

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Enter your email address and click the blue button below "Send me password reset link to this address".
  3. Go to your email, you will have received an email from "" with subject "Trumin Account Password Reset" click the "Reset Password" button in this email.
  4. Type in a new password for your Trumin account and click the "Save" button.


Complete online check-in for your child

  1. Sign into your Trumin account using the email address you used to purchase the ticket.
  2. Under the "My Events" menu you should find your child's ticket in the "Orders" section
  3. Some of the options below will be present to you which are relevant for the current state of your order:
    • "ASSIGN TICKETS" to assign your tickets to your kids.
    • "MANAGE" make changes to assigned tickets.
    • "SEND TICKETS" to send an email containing tickets that have completed check-in.
    • "TRANSFER" to transfer your ticket to a different event, ticket type or person.
    • "CHECK-IN NOW" for tickets that have been assigned but not checked-in yet
    • "GET MY TICKET" to download tickets that have completed check-in.
  4. The first step is to assign you tickets to your kids so select this option if available.  Please select your child from the list presented if you already have them in your account or add them by clicking "+ Add child to your account" if they are not listed already.
  5. Please note that the ticket category may be age restricted and only allow children of the correct age to be allocated.  If you have made an error with your child's Date of birth or bought the wrong ticket type for them, then please write back to us and we can correct that for you.
  6. Once your child is assigned correctly then you should see the option to "CHECK-IN NOW". This process will ask you to fill out any additional profile information for the child and then sign their waiver (if set for this event).
  7.  With the waiver signed you should now see the option to "GET MY TICKET" so you can download and print the ticket.
  8. Finally, if you want to undertake further actions, please be aware that you are now signed in as the child, so please go back to the "My Accounts" menu and click on "Return to my account".
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